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Revd Sara's Reflections - w/c 14th January 2024

Revd Sara’s Reflections Sunday 14/1/24

Reading: Johusn 1:43-51 In today’s gospel reading from John 1, we encounter the story of Philip inviting Nathanael to meet Jesus. Nathanael initially doubts that anything good can come from Nazareth, but Philip responds with a simple, profound invitation: "Come and see." This passage challenges us to consider two important aspects of our faith:

1. Doubt and Prejudice: Just as Nathanael had doubts about Nazareth, we often harbour doubts and prejudices about people, situations, or ideas. These doubts can blind us to the potential for goodness and blessings in unexpected places. The challenge is to recognise and confront our doubts, allowing ourselves to be open to God's work in unexpected ways.

 2. Invitation and Encounter: Philip's invitation, "Come and see," is an invitation to encounter Jesus personally. It's an invitation to experience God’s presence, love, and transformative power made incarnate in Jesus. We, too, are called to extend this invitation to ourselves and to others, inviting them to encounter Christ in our words and actions.

Consider these questions for your personal devotion:

What doubts or prejudices do I hold that may be hindering my faith or openness to God's work in my life?

Am I willing to set aside my doubts and preconceived notions, and, like Nathanael, be open to the possibility of encountering Christ in unexpected ways?

How can I extend the invitation to others to "come and see" Jesus through my life and testimony?

Do I actively seek moments of personal encounter with Christ through prayer, Scripture, and worship? The challenge in John 1:43-51 is to embrace the transformative power of encountering Jesus and to be open to God's work in the midst of doubt and uncertainty.

As you reflect on this passage, may you be inspired to invite others to "come and see" the incredible journey of faith and the life-changing encounter with the Son of God.

Responding through singing You might like to listen to and/or sing along to some or all of these songs, as you reflect on today’s reflection and what it means for your life, Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart, Have you heard God’s voice; has you heart been stirred?, Here am I, Lord, Will you come and follow me?

Responding through action When was the last time you told someone your ‘testimony’? Testimony is a way of talking about our lives and stories that shows we are able to recognise God is at work in and through us. It might involve a ‘conversion’ moment, or it might involve dozens of ‘conversion moments’, it might grapple with your own doubts and prejudice and show how God is working through you despite your failings. Could you make some time today to write out, or draw, or say aloud some of your testimony? Is there a story you can tell that demonstrates God at work in your life? These stories can be a source of encouragement for others – people who have faith and those who have none – not necessarily because we are trying to convert them to our way of thinking, but because we can open up the possibility for people to reflect on their own lives and see God at work.

Could you swap stories/testimonies with someone this week?

love and prayers Revd Sara

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