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Revd Sara’s Reflections – Sunday 7th November 2021

Thank you for your support, love and friendship as I have continued to find my feet in Brackley, Silverstone, Towcester and beyond. All of us are experiencing ‘new things’ as we begin to meet again and become involved in Community Activities. When you read this I will have experienced another first, Brackley Fire Works, which I am looking forward to as they are sponsored by Mercedes! However, I am actually not a big fan of loud bangs, I’ll be using my swimming ear plugs

Last Sunday was another first, when we shared in our Service of Love, Light and Remembering. It was a special time of memory and naming those we have loved and lost. The partnership with other Community groups, Aaron and Julia fron Edd Frost’s Funeral Directors, Bloomers Florist and Sarah from the Old Fire Station Café, all helped to lift us as we shared our afternoon tea after the Service, the reading of the roll of honour and taking part in lighting candles and receiving a red carnation as the act of remembrance. This will become an annual event and we hope to involve other Brackley Churches next year.

Bereavement is not a singular event, it is a life changing moment, and how we learn to live with our loss and support one another is really important. At this time of year, when the nights draw in, and we have the national Acts of Remembrance on the 11/11/21, it can be a challenging time.

Please do not be sad on your own, we have a great pastoral team and we will notice if you are not there….

Please continue to pray for all those you know, both here and beyond, on Earth and above..

with love and prayers Revd Sara

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