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Revd Sara's Reflections for w/c 28th April 2024

Revd Sara’s Reflection Sunday 28th April 2024  

Bible Reading: John 15:1-8 Hymn: Love divine

Over the years, we have conveniently bracketed and narrowed ‘love for one another’ as love for our inner-circle of family and friends, making love a domestic affair and a private affair, with no engagement with the dynamics of power in our love for one another.

On the other hand, we sometimes fall back on the language of ‘justice’ and ‘equity’ in our domestic lives, thinking these are secular words that people use out in the public sphere.

This use of love as private and justice as public, is not only unhelpful but also unspiritual, for justice and love co-exist and co-work together, which has been demonstrated in the life and witness of Jesus Christ in his mission and ministry.

There is an expression, “justice is what love looks like in public,” justice is the visible action of the invisible love and love is the bedrock for justice.

What does this mean for you?

Are there times you have turned ‘love’ into something private, that only affects those close to you, similar to you, or with whom you already have a relationship?

Do you see a relationship between love and justice? How can your justice work be motivated by love? How are you loving in a way that seeks justice?

All love is from God, and God is the source of all love. When we love, with a love that reaches beyond our comfortable lives and into the whole world, reaches those most in need, we are worshipping the God of love. What does that look like for you this week?

How can you demonstrate God’s love for those most in need, as well as those closest to you?

No one has ever seen God, if we love one another, God lives in us, the Easter story becomes relevant and God’s love is perfected in the creation.

Responding in music: Take the time to reflect on what all this means for you as you listen to and/or sing along with one or more of these songs: Lord, your church on earth is seeking, Let love be real, in giving and receiving, I, the Lord of sea and sky.

Prayers This is the day that the Lord has made, As you go out into the remainder of this day, and the week ahead, May you experience the Creator God, the Christ-light and the Holy Spirit at work, Amen.

love and prayers Revd Sara

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