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Revd Sara's Reflections for w/c 19th November 2023

Revd Sara’s Reflection Sunday 19/11/23

How often in our busy 21st century lifestyle do we feel we want to be somewhere ‘far from the madding crowd’? Each one of us needs a place to which we can retreat to recharge our spiritual batteries, where we can stop and listen and spend time with the One who knows us best – God our Creator.

We may have a quiet refuge in our minds or somewhere real which we can visit. One of my special places is the Holy Island of Lindisfarne – a tidal island in Northumbria in north-east England.

It is here that both Aidan and Cuthbert, two of the early Celtic saints, lived their lives in service to God and their fellow beings. Here the seals still sing near St Cuthbert’s Island and many species of bird find a safe haven. They found a pattern and rhythm of daily prayer amidst the beautiful surroundings of the island. Here are some Celtic prayers for you to reflect with love and prayers Revd Sara

This day and every Day I arise today in your strength to uplift me, in your power to direct me, in your love to enfold me, in your wisdom to guide me, in your way to lead me this day and every day. A new day King of brightness, you turn darkness into light and open the shutters on a new day. You refresh our bodies with sleep and waken us to face the challenges of a new dawn. Help us to live this day to your glory. Through the day As the sun scatters the mist at the dawning of a new day, So you calm our fears and anxieties if we trust you. You give us strength and courage to live our daily lives knowing you are with us and we do not walk alone. As the midday sun warms us, we feel your protecting arms around us and sense your loving presence. As the sun sinks in a kaleidoscope of colour you give us hope and renewal.


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