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Advent Reflections for Advent One 28/11/21

Advent is here and sometimes I want to call this the ‘avalanche season’… so much to do and organise, so many extras…. all with an immovable deadline of the 25th!

With this in mind I encourage you to watch and wait, slow things down as we travel towards the Christmas season. Advent is a time of preparation, of ourselves spiritually for the wonderful amazing grace of God’s gift of love..

in the incarnation of Jesus’ birth.

Please engage if you can with the Journey to the Manger Advent series, where through four themes, starting with Genealogies we will go deeper into the Christmas story and engage with the familiar to find something new.. This series will be online as well as being lead through Sunday worship and gathering on Mondays at 1030 in Brackley or Sundays@3 at Silverstone.

Through sharing our times of worship, prayer and Bible study together we are forming discipleship communities reflecting the Methodist way of life of worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism. It is by meeting together God’s love shines brightest, we can encourage one another and learn more of God’s amazing grace and the gift of his Son.

A personal note I have completed my sponsored swim in memory of little brother Anthony, I have swum 58 miles and raised £3045 for DiabetesUK, the top UK fundraiser… Swimming has given me the time and space to pray deeply over the last few weeks… may God help you find that place where your deepest thoughts, happy and sad can be reflected.

Thank you for your continuing love, support and encouragement since I have joined you

love and prayers Revd Sara

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