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Revd Sara's Reflections - w/c 5th February 2023

Reflections of Revd Sara Call to Discipleship Prayer

Call to discipleship prayer means a request address to God for the journey of intentional decisions that will lead to maturity in one’s relationship with Jesus so that you will become more like Jesus in his attitudes, focus and ultimately your way of life.

Discipleship prayers come in two forms: prayers for your discipleship walk and prayers for you as you disciple others. Prayers for your discipleship can include prayers to deny the flesh, take up your cross, follow Christ, abiding and following Christ. A prayer for yourself as you disciple others might be prayers for the nations, teaching, and relationships. Their purpose is to ask God to help you grow in these areas and to bless you as you disciple others. One of the areas that we can pray for is our own walk of discipleship with the Lord. As his disciples, there are several things we can be praying for as we attempt to walk out his will for us daily including prayers to deny the flesh, take up your cross, follow Christ, abiding, and following Christ. Luke 14:33 NRSV Prayer to Take Up My Cross Lord, the sacrifice of your son is a precious gift. I do not deserve it, and I could never have earned it. Thank you for your grace and mercy and love to give it to me anyway. You gave up everything for me, even though you were pure and righteous.

Thank you for the freedom I now have in you. Matthew 10:38 NRSV Prayer to Follow Christ Wholeheartedly Lord, you are all-knowing and full of wisdom. Your plan is masterful. Help me as your disciple to follow you in every thought, word, and deed. Give me a heart of obedience and trust that I would not get wrapped up in my doubt or what I think is the right choice. Help me to recognize that your good and perfect will does not always look the way I think it should, but that does not make it any less good or any less perfect. I desire to be your disciple and follow you all the days of my life. Please give me the strength to do that. Amen. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

I encourage you to pray daily and include listening for God, his still small voice, noticing where he is touching your life and is involved with your everyday activities.

Please encourage one another as you pray for one another.

Love and prayers Revd Sara

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