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Revd Sara's Reflections - w/c 12th February 2023

Please reflect on the Disaster in Turkey and Syria using these prayers from Christian Aid. Thank you love and prayers Revd Sara

Praying for people in times of crisis introduction to the prayer:

Christians believe that prayer is an opportunity to bring all of our emotions and the needs of the world to God. It can be helpful to give ourselves and each other space for our feelings, including grief and sadness, and to express these and share them with one another. For people of faith, these conversations are offered to God in prayer, believing that He can guide and uphold us in even the most difficult moments and desperate situations.

Christians also believe that prayer is a powerful space to once again share our visions of hope. To reaffirm our hope and beliefs that the world can and will be a better place. To commit to ourselves, to each other, and if we believe in God then to God too, that we have amazing ideas – big and small – that can make the world a better place for everyone.

Today, we are reflecting together in sadness for what has happened in Turkey and Syria. We mourn the lives lost, and for the people who have lost loved ones, their homes, their livelihoods, and their feelings of security. We should allow ourselves to feel the sorrow. But we must not lose sight of our hope and commitment to make the world a fairer, safer, more loving place for all we share it with.

We are going to spend a moment of quiet together. Whatever your religious beliefs, take this moment to think and feel together. Take this moment to acknowledge your emotions. Take this moment to hold on to hope, no matter how big or small.

The Prayer: Creator God, you created this wonderful planet we call home. You made it out of love, and it is good. You created the world and all who call it home. You love each and every human being, animal and plant. Our hearts are broken to see people suffering. Allow our hearts to feel the grief and sadness of the terrible losses. In our sadness we pray that the communities affected feel loved by the wider world, that they are nurtured and cared for. We pray that in this time of crisis their needs are met.

Encourage those present to take a moment to remember the importance of every single person. Each person unique and wonderful. Reflect on the people affected by the crisis.

God who restores, we pray for your peace for those affected. We pray that those affected will be able to find happiness again in the future, that they can restore their communities and homes. Help us to know how and when we can help those who are in need.

God who promises, you have promised us that a better world is possible. That through you we can do all things. Give us the courage to dare to hope for a better world. Give us the courage to take part in making the world a fairer and more loving place for everyone. God take the offering of our hopes and thoughts of how we can help others in crisis. Give us the courage to do the small things we can to make the world a more loving place. Amen.

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