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Revd Sara's Reflections - w/c 11th December - 3rd Sunday of Advent

The Agenda for Rejoicing.

Please Read Psalm 4

As we have journeyed through The Echo of God Advent Course last week we reflected on how we can find joy through reading the Psalms.

Psalm 4 is a night Psalm, which invites us to trust in God to guide us through difficult times, as we lie on our beds, in the expectation and knowledge that God will not desert us, and we can look forward to the comfort and joy with which He will reward us for our trust in him.

As we are now passing through the darkest days of the year, the short dark days of Winter, we know that it starts to turn to lighter longer days after the Winter Solstice, and that the Light of the World truly is with us on December 25th, when we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus.

His arrival was heralded by the bright star that led the Wise Men, and, symbolically, there is a bright star in our night sky on December 21st this year when Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction, perhaps reminding us that Jesus is the Bright Morning Star. Jesus brought comfort and joy to his faithful followers in Israel, as he proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was at hand, and that he, as the Messiah, fulfilled the Law of the Prophets, and taught a new message. To love one another as he loved us. For God so loved the world he sent his only Son into our World, our Emmanuel. God with us.

This Message is still relevant today, it is timeless, and underpins all our hope and belief in the comfort and joy that we can bring to others, as well as to ourselves, if we trust in Jesus.

Sadly, today many have forgotten or have never been taught that message of love, salvation and hope. They are too focussed on the material things of life, there are plenty of them these days, to distract you.

Yet still many people are not happy. They still want more. What more could they want than the comfort and joy of knowing we have a mediator working for us in Heaven with God to hear our Prayers? They miss out on so much.

Perhaps we can help them find that comfort and joy this Christmas? Let us all try anyway by sharing our own comfort and joy to help them.

with love and Advent prayers Revd Sara

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