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Revd Sara’s Reflections Christ the King Sunday Nov 21st 2021

Here we are, on the last Sunday of the liturgical year, celebrating Christ as king. For some of us, “king” may carry negative connotations — kings and their subjects, power and prestige, wealth and castles. For others, “king” may bring memories of kings and rulers in the past who were kind, considerate, gracious and helpful to those in their kingdoms.

In today’s John’s Gospel story of a king we heard the urgency of giving the hungry food and of visiting the sick. It is as though Jesus is saying, love must reign; the lowly must receive their rights. Christ the King Sunday this year is at a time of change and renewal in the world and in the Church.

So we each try to do our part to bring change and renewal to our world and to our church. It is the small things we do, mostly — kindness to someone, a letter to a friend, having a spirit of hope when we don’t feel like it. We gather now in thanksgiving to God for Jesus as king, a symbol of unrest, a symbol of peace, a symbol of justice.

From Advent Sunday next week we will be following an Advent Course; ‘Journey to the Manger’. Each Sunday during worship will be followed by a gathering on Monday at 1030 for Brackley or Silverstone@3 – 3pm.

The themes are Origins, Announcements, Arrivals and Aftermaths.

Please pray for this special time together as we build a discipleship community and share God’s love and grace through being with one another, sharing and discussing and then returning to our homes with a renewed sense of calling.

With love and prayers Revd Sara

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