Revd Sara’s Reflections Advent 4 - Saying YES to God

In this final week of Advent, as we prepare to welcome the Christ child into our midst, we are challenged to reflect on the truth Jesus brings and to consider our response, inspired by Mary’s unconditional ‘Yes’ to God’s plan. May we too say ‘Yes’ to his message and respond to his calling with joyful and willing hearts.

In the peace and stillness of a retreat, or even in just 10 minutes quiet time alone in prayer, we can cast aside the busyness of Christmas preparations and find time to say our ‘Yes’ to God.

I have called you by your name: you are mine! So often we hurry through life, rushing from one task to the next, barely pausing to reflect or listen to the voice of the Lord, but in this time of prayer, search in the silence, put aside all distractions to seek God’s face.

The mystery, which was kept secret for endless ages, is now made clear.

Romans 16:25

May you find the love and grace of God a reality as you continue your Journey to the Manger

Love and prayers

Revd Sara

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