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Pause for Thought - Palm Sunday - 28th March 2021

Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King

Some 2,000 years ago, traditionally known as Palm Sunday, the long-anticipated Messiah approached the city with the pilgrims. The crowd shouted with joy and welcomed Jesus as their king as He rode on a donkey (Mark 11:1–11).

However, Jesus’ emotional reaction was the opposite of that of the crowd and His disciples. He wept for the city (Luke 19:41), knowing that Jerusalem did not recognise her ruler and king (vv. 41–44; Matthew 23:37–38). The temple was no longer fulfilling its function of drawing people close to God, leading Jesus to cleanse it the following day (Mark 11:15–19), and subsequently to predict its destruction (13:1–2).

The temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. This was a very sad ending for a nation that rejected God and His Messiah. This reminds us that we cannot impress God with our magnificent church buildings. He is looking for people with contrite hearts that seek Him.

May we be people who lament for the sins in our lives, our church, and our nation.

May we allow God to create in us a clean heart.

The Lenten journey brings us to the final week of Jesus’s earthly life as He inextricably heads towards the cross of Calvary Hill. Today, we have the benefit of knowing the entire story, the ‘why’s’, the ‘where’s’ and the ‘how’s’. It’s so much more than a story. That Jesus surrendered His life to save our souls, is beyond our comprehension – we have heard the story passed down through the generations, we’ve read about it in the Bible, but do we really understand the depth and magnitude of God’s act of salvation through the life of Jesus.

This year again the Lenten season has afforded us the opportunity to revisit the most powerful and significant act of all humanity. It should have reminded us of what Jesus did for you and for me. Beyond reminding us, it should cause us to press into Jesus with an even deeper gratitude and love and allow Him to lead us in living the life that He has given us, with greater purpose. That we die to self and live to Him. Herein lies our greatest challenge and reward.

As we enter the toughest week that Jesus faced, may we reflect even more deeply and honour Him in every way.

God Bless you all.

Stay safe and well.

With my love and prayers

Rev Pat

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