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Echo of God Advent Course - Silverstone & Brackley


One of the desert fathers once said ‘Joy is the echo of God’s life in us.’ Our 2022 Advent five-week course aims to celebrate the joy of knowing that everything we do – even the problems and trials we face – is transformed by our awareness that God loves us and comes to us. Each week from Advent to Epiphany the course looks at a passage of Scripture where we see joy or delight expressed: the joy of Creation, the psalms, the triumph of joy over adversity, the joy of Mary, the birth of Christ and the love of God. To explore the Scripture readings, David Adam employs the ancient tradition of Lectio Divina. The purpose is not to study the Scriptures but to be still and open enough to hear the echo of God in our lives. Our Sunday morning worship throughout Advent will follow similar themes.

Please sign in for the Course with Margaret, Revd Sara or one of the Church Stewards - our venue will be announced once we know the numbers involved.

The Course will run on Monday mornings in Brackley at 1030 and on Wednesdays in Silverstone at 630pm.

For more information, please contact Revd Sara Cliff on 07974 784059

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